Vanessa Pena
Silverton Casino Lodge Las Vegas Silverton Casino Lodge Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Vanessa Pena"
Literally just left this place. After 12+ min of sitting server never came to take our order. We did get drinks, salsa and chips but not from a server, we wanted to place the order with him but he said were he wasn't the server. As we got up to leave the server came to the table next to us, who had been there for maybe 5 min, to take their order . I'm not sure if the fact that we had 3 children, 5 and under, may have been something to do with it. They were very well-behaved and were not being loud at all. We did ask before entering the establishment if kids were welcomed there and Hostess said "of course" and when we entered there was other children present, older children but children nonetheless. Anyway we left since the server never acknowledged us. We will NOT be returning and do not recommend this place.

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