Ray D
Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Ray D"
Update: As of 2016, Permanently Closed. I can only comment on the casino and public areas, not the hotel. Basically what I saw was an opulent place in need of repairs and remodeling. The cleanliness and food/beverage service is usually OK, but has not been great since the labor strike. (Trump's buddy Carl Icahn somehow managed to break the contract and take away the employees' health insurance retirement benefits.) That said, I suspect some disgruntled employees have tried to falsely report here that the place is permanently closed. Not so fast: They have been given notice that the closing date is October 10, 2016. But I think a last-minute deal is still possible. Things will continue as is until after Labor (how ironic) Day weekend before things may start winding down. There are a lot of nice businesses as tenants in there, so let's cross our fingers and hope the Taj continues.