Valerie La Tendresse
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Lame Deer, Montana
"Valerie La Tendresse"
I went to dinner with a friend at Bella Italiana. Neither of us had eaten at this particular restaurant before. I was amazed! The food was incredible and super affordable. It's not often you find a place that you can order an incredible 3 course meal for $18! And when I wrote that price I'm serious. They didn't mess with $17.95 or similar things to make you feel like you are paying less when it's still really the same cost. The only thing I recall on the menu that even dealt with change was my beverage and that was 2.50! Dinner for 2 adults at the best Italian restaurant I've been to (where the food tasted sinful and looked amazing) fabulous wait staff and beautiful atmosphere. Our bill was less than $45 and well worth much more