Kyle Horton
Plaza Hotel and Casino Plaza Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Kyle Horton"
Stayed for a few days in June. The check in process was long, but the MOD was rushing things. We were glad to get things expedited, but this lead to our check in being botched. We all had to leave a $50.00 deposit. There were three of us checking in under a package deal, but my friend extended us by reserving our rooms an extra night. We all paid AT THE DESK for that 3rd night. There's a month of data I could leave here, but long story short, the MOD of the Plaza botched our check in, the accounting got skewed, and we never got our deposit back. My wife, my friend, and others have called about it and get a different story every time. My wife finally got the MOD on the line today to see if they could just hash it out, and he/she hung up on her. I enjoyed Vegas as a whole. I won't be going back to the Plaza.