Sean Kinney
Rivals Sports Bar Rivals Sports Bar
Bend, Oregon
"Sean Kinney"
This is a place I have never had a bad experience at all. The bartenders have always been the best, I only make it in every now and again, but they all remember what I drink. Not to show favorites, but Kay is amazing, my patronage has gone way up from monthly to weekly (if not 2-3 times a week) due to her alone!! She is Alalways working hard, it really shows she enjoys her job and her patrons. As an FYI she works during the days and during the lunch rush, charming and it shows she really cares. I think she is a reason I see so many familiar faces every day. Seriously, come in the same time any day, like clock work you see so many smiling faces. Kind of reminds me of cheers, everyone seems to know everyone, even if just in passing. The food is always spot on and amazing, and it is refreshing always seeing the owner around. This place cares about service and quality. The atmosphere is perfect. Yes, I can say of all of the places around, this is my favorite.