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Jul 23 '17 at 18:13

I'm a big defender of equality, so when I witness first hand unjust practice I will most definitely speak up. Note, I am not a guest staying in this establishment as an overnight guest, but as New York native hoping to enjoy the beautiful beaches this country has to offers. I state this point because I am extremely disappointed at the difference in the level of customer service bestowed upon overnight guest of this establishment, as opposed to families who want to maybe just spend the day and take advantage of their day passes, which are offered, for a fee of course. That being said, there are rules and regularities that are not stated clearly at your initial registration. If you're an overnight guest you're privy to all Top Notch service however if you are other establishment as a day pass holder, you're nothing but a peasant, and will be treated as such. Don't waste your money on this place. There are plenty of other Resorts offering day passes on the same strip. Second time visiting this Resort but NEVER EVER again. very unfortunate. Best, Santana-Urena