Rit Sessink
Jack Cincinnati Casino Jack Cincinnati Casino
Cincinnati, Ohio
"Rit Sessink"
We came here for a Sunday dinner. Food was pretty good but below what you would expect from Casino. And the service was very poor. The servers and cooks we all extremely pleasant and kind but slow. We had several dirty plates on the table as servers walked by. The food was cold but that seems typical at buffets. We had earlier called and to see if my 20 yr old daughter would be allowed to enter to just go directly to the dining room. We were told yes. We drove the 35 miles to only find we were mis informed. We were also told the players card dropped the price to $14.99 and in actuality it was $21.00. We're told the $14 waz weekday price after we showed up on a Sunday. Not the best experience to say the least. But the people are very kind.