Alfredo Romo
El Cortez Hotel & Casino El Cortez Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Alfredo Romo"
I usually come here! But tonight I had the most horrible experience. I usually come down to gamble cause I love El Cortez, I've even stood here. But today after getting a drink while gambling as I took a sip I felt something in my tongue. There was a pubic Hair inside my Drink! I was disgusted by the situation and asked to speak to a Manager on Site and Adam Wiesberg The Assistant supervisor assisted me and took it all a joke! He started laughing & offered another drink. I was disgusted by his behavior after Trying to Kick me out of the hotel just because I was upset that there was something so unsanitary in my Drink. He then Tried bribing me with 20$ slot play which let me tell you didnt even work. He was rude and was making fun of me because of what had occurred. He then even try blaming it on me that i put that there. He said what are u scientist how do u know its a pubic hair. I showed him the proof and he stood quiet and just threw the drink away . This is an experience I hope no one else has to go through. I am disappointed that they have people like this working. First of all customer service is #1 no matter what job it may be. I hope this so called Assistant Manager is corrected for his Nasty Behavior. Hair inside drinks is something so disgusting and sanitary is the first thing someone expects. people like him make a great place a bad one! And this explains my 1 star. Because as a human being I cannot believe this assistant manager would handle the situation so poorly. anyone can get sick from a huge mistake like this!