Laura Jones
Aquarius Casino Resort Aquarius Casino Resort
Laughlin, Nevada
"Laura Jones"
Extremely disappointed by this hotel. It seemed to have decent reviews and photos so we stayed one night on our trip across country. The view of the water is nice and it was inexpensive. But those were like the only nice things. The wait to just get checked in was at least 20 minutes. Then the wait for the elevators was at least 10 minutes every time. They also seemed to be a child friendly place but there was so much cigarette smoking that I wasn't comfortable being in the lobby let alone having my 5 year old down there. I understand that it's a casino but at least try and make the smoking in a section so that people and children can be more comfortable. On to our room. I immediately noticed that the bathroom had not been cleaned. There were clean towels but there were hairs on the toilet seat, floor, and sink. The toilet also rocked when you sat on it. Our room was a non smoking room, however someone had tied trash bags on the smoke detectors in both rooms. We called someone to come take it down. Then we had to call the front desk again for sheets and blankets for the pullout as there were none in the room. The table and counters did not look like they'd been. I also stepped on a weird sticky patch of what I hope was food. But it was so dried on there it must have been there for days. It was so gross. I would not stay here again or recommend others.