Danyiel Mager
St. Croix Casino Danbury St. Croix Casino Danbury
Danbury, Wisconsin
"Danyiel Mager"
Had a lot of fun...didn't get too crazy with the spending because I actually came out $200 ahead when all was said and done. The choices of games are pretty bland. It seems like they have multiples of each game but not the newest ones out. I am convinced that my winnings are purely because I chose not to use a players card. When visiting the st Croix casino in turtle lake..if I use my card I'm guaranteed to walk out broke...and if I don't..I win. So I believe this is how it is here in Danbury. The perks of having a player card at these two casinos are really crappy compared to the other local casinos so not using one isn't really hurting me... All things taken into consideration...I'd go back again keeping what I know or think I know fresh in my head so I don't expect too much but keep my guard up so I don't get robbed of every Penny in my purse