Victor Moreno
Park MGM Park MGM
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Victor Moreno"
We were eaten alive by some sort of insects in our bed. Of course they followed their protocol and had the room "professionally tested" for bed bugs but claimed the tests came back negative. Despite showing the hotel manager my arms with bites all over them, they were in total denial. My wife was bitten far worse than I was. She actually went to the doctor after we returned. Her doctor said although she couldn't state with 100% accuracy she had bed bug bites, she was 99% certain they were bed bug bites. I actually waited until noon the day after we returned to write this review. My thinking was, maybe since we left on a Sunday, someone from Management would call me back on Monday morning. Nope!!!! We won't be back. Before you stay at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, you might want to Google Monte Carlo Las Vegas Bed Bugs. I wish we would have.