Samantha Hastings
Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino
Gardena,, CA
"Samantha Hastings"
Came here for my first time male and female strippers and the ladies did not disappointment. They were attention-detailed, always prompt, and such a joy to interact with or even watch. Their shows always attracted the eye. If we only stayed on the first floor with the women, this review would have been five stars but unfortunately... The men on the other hand, were a waste of time. I came here with my boyfriend (we are both bi) and we expected to get a show from both ends. We both agreed the women were fantastic but the men were a buzzkill. The bartender ignored us for about 20 minutes as he served other women or stood around and only served us a drink when we held out a tip (the women downstairs worked hard without a handout). The men seemed to move around the room with little interest and their dances were yawn-inducing. At one point, a male dancer asked me if I would like a dance and I asked if he could give my boyfriend one instead. To which I got a very homophobic response, while he also asked "what the hell is wrong with you?" when I continued to turn down a dance for myself. Even if a strip club isn't like a regular retail store, I feel like that's not something that you would say to a customer. After feeling embarrassed and upset, we left and went backstairs down to the women who didn't have an intimidating or aggressive environment. I should have put in a complaint with management about the situation, but I had no clue how the environment felt about queer individuals and did not want any trouble.

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