Randy M
BlueWater Resort & Casino BlueWater Resort & Casino
Parker, Arizona
"Randy M"
The room was hot and stuffy when I arrived, and didn't cool down the entire time I was there, but seeing the small dorm sized refrigerator already there about 5 minutes after requesting it made up for some of that. The room was quiet enough and had a nice view overlooking the Colorado River. The breakfast at the restaurant was also good for what it was. However, there is no way to get to your room without walking through the smoky casino. In fact, the smoke was so thick walking to my room on a couple of occasions, that I had to change my shirt to stop smelling it on me. I wish non-smokers had a right to breath cleaner air, but not here. The only place that is off limits to smoking was the counter areas that had hotel or casino staff there. So they care more about the staff's respiratory issues than the non-smoking customer's. So I didn't gamble either, and ended up leaving with almost all the money I came with. :)