Billie Sue Patrick
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Santa Fe
"Billie Sue Patrick"
The hotel is lovely, and the staff is courteous and attentive. However, there are some drawbacks that would keep me from staying there again. I knew that Buffalo Thunder is north of Santa Fe, but I underestimated the inconvenience until I drove it several times. Also, there is NO cell service (really - none whatsoever), and they charge ten bucks a day for WiFi. The in house restaurants are very pricey, but the hotel is too remote to go somewhere else. Plus, the place is enormous and the only elevator is in the main lobby. We didn't even make it to the first room we were assigned because my elderly mother pooped out at what, judging by the room numbers, was no more than half way to our room. The front desk was very courteous about assigning a more convenient room, but it looks like they would have had enough sense in the first place to realize that someone with a walker couldn't walk a quarter mile to her room. I imagine that there are plenty of people who just wouldn't want to.