kristina BISHOP
Harrah's Gulf Coast Harrah's Gulf Coast
Biloxi, MS
"kristina BISHOP"
I was very excited to stay there for my 30th birthday bit after our stay I won't be returning nor recommending to anybody. At first when we got there and checked in the lady that was checking us in could not be more horrible at customer service. She literally did not say maybe 2 words to me which I had to keep asking her exactly what she needed,( I had told her this was our very first time here) because she was talking to me as if I should know everything. I had to listen in on another check in just to get the details and what not of the hotel. Once we got to our room it was so hot and muggy in there (as well as it smelling funky along with the hallway) we had to go down to the front desk (because the phone did not work in our room) to get maintenance. Well they came and left and it STILL was hot and muggy when we came back into room. Nobody likes to sleep in a hot smelly hotel room in July! It seemed the while hotel had bad plumbing every bathroom in the hotel that we went into had issues. We even had to get maintenance again to come to our room to fix toilet! The service at the casino bar was very poor. And then our visit to the spa in the hotel was a whole other issue! Needless to say it wasn't a good experience. And for that kind of money per night I would expect working a.c. toilets and nice customer service!