Dixie Parker
Lady Luck Casino Lady Luck Casino
Vicksburg, Mississippi
"Dixie Parker"
The room was ok, the staff were friendly and helpful, but we picked this place not only for the price, but also for the pool and the restaurant. When we arrived the pool was closed and had been down for some time, but this was not shown when we booked the room. The restaurant was only opened Sunday through Thursday. My husband loves the food at the restaurant, but we had to go find another place, as we didn't want burgers. We stayed Tuesday through Thursday. The last thing is a small thing. We went to get sodas from the vending machines and it shorted us a dollar. You could hear the machine trying to dispense. We went to the front desk to ask for the dollar. The young lady called management and was told they could not refund us because it was Cole's problem. New management not doing a great job.