Tasha Torkelson
Borrowed Buck's Roadhouse
Fargo, North Dakota
"Tasha Torkelson"
There are better places to go to In the Fargo/Moorhead area. You will be harassed by shot girls and given poor service. I was told to leave because I told the shot girl I didn't want any shots from her and when she persisted, I asked her to please leave. The shot girl ruined what had been a great night with friends. I had been sitting next to the dance floor when she came up to me the first time that night and giggled at someone who had been dancing with a guy that "used to be her dance partner." The shot girl then made fun of the other girl's weight and looks that he was with and I was clearly not amused by her rudeness in which she looked shocked and then apologized. A bit later when I was sitting with the rest of our party, she came over to offer shots which I politely refused and when she insisted, I told her to please leave. She gave me a pouty look and informed me that she would then get a security guard and since I hadn't been unkind to this shot girl, I thought she was just being overdramatic. I was wrong. She came back a couple minutes later, after giving her exaggerated side of the story I'm sure, but when she came to the table with him she had a look of a whipped dog as though I had done her some great injustice. After explaining the situation the doorman told me to follow him, which I did so without refusal and in a respectful manner and then took me outside and refused to let me back in. The night was ruined by this bratty, manipulative, judgemental shot girl. After leaving and meeting up with my friends later they had similar ridiculous shot girl stories! One shot girl told my friend that there was a minimum limit as to how many he needed to get rather than just the one he had requested. I understand wanting to make tips on a slow night but those girls are terrible!