Marta Rodriguez
Casino Condado - Armenia Casino Condado - Armenia
"Marta Rodriguez"
Roaches in the room, parking lot is really for those going to casino, not those who reserve to stay there. Food is overpriced, as well as the nightly rate for what you really get. Room service doesn't always come and clean, when we checked out there was 3 days worth of trash in our room because room service didn't clean. The pool had some sort of slime that looked like vomit floating in it and the pool area was covered with bees. Also there were stray dogs on the property. You could hear the neighbors through the walls. There is security at the hotel, really just in the casino area. It seems like that is all they care about. Those who come to stay a few nights basically get thrown to the side. I paid a little more than 1000.00 for 6 nights there and it was so not worth it. The WiFi is also pretty shady. It constantly kicks you off or sometimes it just doesn't work. Customer service is completely non existent.