Courtney LAHH
Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
D'Iberville, Mississippi
"Courtney LAHH"
This casino clearly does not know how to treat its customers, i felt like we were at a club for drunk 21 year olds! Me and three of my girlfriends tried the place out for my birthday night. From the very beginning, this place had tacky written all over it. First, the clerk chased me down the entire casino because her computer malfunctioned and didn't properly run my card for the $1.50 water i purchased. She ran up as though i had stole something and caused a scene, then demanded my credit card so she could go back and re run it. A manager in the casino saw what had happened and profusely apologized, ended up buying us a round of drinks, which was very nice and made me feel better about the whole situation. We then went to dinner at the steakhouse. My friend was a little concerned about the B rating they had which was clearly posted at the front of the restaurant. We decided to try it anyway and glad we did. The food was actually amazing and so was our server, David. As we were leaving dinner, one of my friends ran to the gift shop and said she would meet us back in the casino. I received a call from my friend about two minutes later, frantic and almost in tears. The security guard had stopped her from re entering the casino, he informed her that she had a large "wet" spot on the back of her dress and told her that she had "defecated" on herself and that was a clear sign of being too intoxicated. My friend was in no way drunk, recently had a baby actually and tried to explain to the guard that she had obviously spilled on herself at dinner and didn't realize it was still wet. At that point we were all walking up to assist. I tried to ask the same security guard to call a manager several times, he, however was so busy flirting with a clearly very drunk girl trying to get in that it took several minutes for him to assist us. By the time a manager arrived there were so many people around trying to stick their nose in what they thought was drama, my friend had already walked outside crying, completely mortified and really just ready to leave after such humiliation. Two managers came outside as well as our waiter David who vouched that indeed none of us were in any way intoxicated. All of them took my friends information, begged her to come back in the casino and promised to follow up and invite her back for a much more pleasant experience, profusely apologizing the whole time. Well guess what, its been almost 2 weeks and she hasn't heard a peep from anyone at Scarlet Pearl. So disappointing!! To be honest the only reason we would have gone back would have been to eat at the steak house and see our super friendly waiter again, this place will never see another dime from this group of girls! Lets see how long Scarlet Pearl makes it with this type of customer service.