Mike Barkley
Agate Pull Tabs Agate Pull Tabs
Sand Point, Alaska
"Mike Barkley"
First off my wife and I checked in and received the key card for our room, my wife went to the room and it was occupied. They gave us another room. In this room they had furniture that was at least 30 years old and falling apart. The head board was detached from the wall just lying on the bed behind the pillows. The TV was a small tube television according to the model number was manufactured in 1995. In the bathroom there was hair in the tub and mold/mildew in the grout of the shower, and in the bathroom window, as well as the corners of the bathroom. When I went outside there were 2 outdoor lights without covers with the electrical leads hanging down which gave me a slight shock when it rubbed against my head (I'm not super tall but the exterior overhang is that low). Overall the most horrific experience I've had as a consumer. I only gave it one star because you can't give negative stars. Shilo as a company has been completely dismissal of this complaint. I will never stay again and will do everything I can to dissuade anyone else from staying at this property or any other shilo properties.