Ash A
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"Ash A"
When booking my reservation, I had to book two separate reservations because my group only had rooms available starting on 7/26, but we wanted to stay the night of 7/25 as well. Before booking my reservation like this, I called the hotel and was assured that they would see that I booked two separate stays and make sure that I would be in the same room for both reservations. Upon checking in, I was told that our room type was not available until the next day and that we would be upgraded to an Ivory Tower penthouse suite for the first night. We were also told at the front desk that since we planned to be out all day the next day, it would be all right to leave our bags in the first room until we came back to the hotel that day and switched to the room we would be in for the remainder of the stay. The next morning, I called the front desk to see if they had an estimate for when our new room would be available, in case we could switch rooms before we headed out for the day. I was told that there was no possible way they could guarantee when a room would be ready for us, that the guests in the room they were giving us had left, but the room had not been cleaned yet, AND told me that we had to be out of the original room they put us in by 12pm. This made me furious because I paid to stay in a room for 6 nights, and they were kicking us out of a room for an amount of time that they could not specify. Ultimately, this ruined the plans we had for an entire day of our vacation because we were waiting for a hotel room that I had booked 2 months in advance. I asked to speak to the front desk manager, but was told that the manager was "tied up with another guest." I was told that the manager would call me back, but this never happened. After an hour of waiting for a call back, I went back up to the front desk to check again if our room was available. The person I spoke to seemed shocked that I hadn't been given a room yet, and offered to go ahead and give me a room. He said it would not be the exact room number they were going to give us, but specified that it was the same room type that I booked and in the same tower (Ivory Tower) that the rest of my group would be staying in as well. We got up to this second room, and after about 20 minutes I realized that the room was not the same type that I booked. I booked a room in the Fantasy Tower and they gave me one in the Ivory Tower. Again, I went back down to the front desk and confronted the same person that he did not put me in the right room. At this point, he admitted it was not the same room and he and his colleague tried to convince me that the Ivory Tower room was an "upgrade," that it had been newly renovated, and that the Fantasy Tower rooms were much darker and overall not as nice. I told them my biggest concern was staying in the rooms nearby where the rest of my group was staying and they FINALLY gave me the room I was supposed the stay in. Upon entering the room in the Fantasy Tower, I saw that it was MUCH nicer than the Ivory Tower room. The decor was less creepy, the WiFi actually worked, the view was 1000x better, and the bathroom included a jacuzzi and shower curtain. Another issue we had during our stay was that my boyfriend needed to print some documents and called the front desk to find out where he could do so. They told him he could do so with the concierge near the front desk, but neglected to tell him that the concierge had already left for the day. After we got all the way downstairs and was informed that the concierge was no longer there, someone at the front desk told us we could go to the business center to print documents. After going all the way to the business center, we found out it had closed much earlier and that they were moving all of the equipment to a different location, making their services unavailable. Overall, I would not stay at the Palms again.