Choctaw Casino - Pocola
Pocola, Oklahoma
They promised up to $500 in free play for new players. Having never been to this casino, I went to sign up for their players club and get my free play, well apparently, I had been to one of their other casinos at some time in the past, so of course, they wouldn't give it to me. I proceeded to play anyway, and one time during the night, I hit a $1400 jackpot on a slot machine. They sent the pit boss over to "verify " that I had won, but upon inspection, he determined that the machine had "malfunctioned", and that nullified the win. At this point, I purposefully made a scene, hoping the other patrons would hear what had happened, get behind me, and demand the casino to do the right thing. All I got instead was surrounded by security and told to leave. Now I know how their ancestors must have felt when the white man gave them some beads and other trinkets and told them to get off their land. I've told people for years that they don't build those big buildings to give their money away, and I found out first hand one of the ways they keep from doing just that. I wouldn't recommend going to this place, because even on the off chance you win, you still lose. F|_|€|{ these people, and their cash grabbing establishment! If I could give 0 or negative stars, I would.