Unsatisfied Customer
Casino Oklahoma Casino Oklahoma
Hinton, Oklahoma
"Unsatisfied Customer"
This is one of the worst casinos in Oklahoma. First of all they do not have any of the good machines such as Mr. Money Bags and Lucky Ducky. It is pretty hard to win here. I like to play in the sorry excuse for a high stakes room. There are always peasants in there minimum betting with the minimum lines. They stop the machines early constantly and mess them up for the real players who like to max bet. The high stakes room needs to be monitored better or they need to change the machines where you have to bet all lines. There are also peasants who just sit around and watch other people play. If you are not playing then get out of the casino. I don't like people spectating....probably to follow someone home if they win. It has happened once before to a customer. This location is not safe. The restrooms are also very dirty and makes me feel like I'm going to catch aids.