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"kelly novak"
I have to say I was very disappointed in Vegas baby. We had a very special night in honoring our coach Miss Slater who was also an Olympian we wanted to eat and dance and drink and enjoy the the reunion. We had a large group coming in wanting to eat dinner. I went to the hostess and ask them if we could have tables and that it was going to be 20 plus people she said yes we can seat you. After we got in there the manager started freaking out you could see it in his face and in his actions. He actually talked his business down trying to discourage us from eating there. He said we're short-staffed and we can't handle anymore and stated that also the kitchen closes at 10 so if we wanted to order we had to hurry up. We understood they were short-staffed and we understood that it would be a while to get everybody served and that we would be patient. I've never seen a manager talk their business down turn money away but they did serve us and I have to say the servers were excellent the food was excellent. But here's where it takes a turn. At 10pm they change into a nightclub which we all knew was going to happen we came to eat drink and dance we were ready to spend money. I spoke to the waitress understanding that there's going to be a cover charge I asked if we had to leave and come back in she expressed that no we did not and that they would come up and just stamp our hands as we paid. So Joe Blow rent a cop comes up and speaks rudely to some of the ladies there saying you have to get out and come back in and pay $5 if you want to stay in this nightclub. The way he spoke was rude. We had already made arrangements with our waitress to pay and we would have. So instead of having over 30 people spending their money in their bar buying drinks and shots Etc we all decided to leave and spend our money elsewhere. Mistake Vagas Baby big mistaked. They missed out on a great opportunity to make some money. What's worse is that we have our ball the next day and most of those people woukd have probaly camr to your bar afterwards but now they probaly won't so that was two nights of income your bar missed. Not cool Vegas baby don't know if I'll recommend you to anybody at this point. And I've been coming to your establishment a long time.