DeeDee Howard
Lone Butte Casino Lone Butte Casino
Chandler, Arizona
"DeeDee Howard"
Lone Butte is too smoky and we went to bad bingo which is a bingo where you dance and have fun. You must get your lights and pay by 9 pm or you will be in a super long line. Then rush over to the other line to hopefully be 1st by the door. People were holding space and when you are 3rd in line you become23rd. I called security who NEVER showed up. It was horrible this time and kids were trying to stand up in the chairs to dance.?? this was towards the end of the month. But we went the 1st week of the month it was a more mature group and it was fun. I guess you just have to decide......but I'm not going back.I'm over 50 and this wasn't the scene I expected...