Kyle R
Cherokee Casino - Will Rogers Downs Cherokee Casino - Will Rogers Downs
Claremore, Oklahoma
"Kyle R"
$26 buffet. For $26, you would expect some dang good food. How wrong you would be. To compare this food to cafeteria food would be an insult to cafeteria food. I came here a couple years ago and it wasn't half bad. $12 for the buffet, or you could upgrade for endless crab legs (maybe more seafood too, I can't remember). Noe you have to pay the upgrade price. And this time, they were out of crab legs. Did that change the ridiculous $26 price? Nope. At $12 You expect cheap, mass produced food. But at $26 you best be getting your money's worth. Here you were not. The fried oysters were soggy and chewy. The ribs where like rubber. The fried chicken had no crunch. A good percentage of the clams weren't even opened. On top of all of this, the food was all luke-warm at best. By the time you put anything on your plate and got back to your table, it is only a few degrees above room temperature. Not even the rolls were warm at all! I'm convinced everything wasnt being served out of any actual heated container, just a metal bin. As if all of that wasn't bad enough, the food is bland as bland gets. No seasoning or spices on anything. No salt, no pepper, nothing. I have never tasted more bland food in my life. $26 should get you a pretty decent meal anywhere you go in this area. Not here though. To top it all off you don't even get access to a drink fountain. You have to wait for the understaffed waiting crew to bring you refills. The biggest insult of all is that they have a tip field when you initially pay to get into the buffet. What a joke. Never going back here again, that's for dang sure.