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Jun 12 '17 at 3:06

Chris Condrey

Chris Condrey
Bet max on $2 and up machines or expect to be fleeced. Since they built expansion they might as well take all your money at the door. I don't expect to win every spin or jackpot but c'mon unless you are betting? max on high dollar machines forget it. Terrible experience. Go somewhere else. You will thank me for it. They act like they are the only casino in town... Not even close. Go to Seven Clans / Osage Sand Springs or Osage Hominy if you want to have a great time without being fleeced. I have been here before and after the expansion aka "Winning changes coming..." and you can forget winning. Going in with $100 and buying a couple of overpriced beers and leaving broke in less than an hour isn't entertainment or fun. Try it and see for yourself. As much as I would like to give positive review I can't. Everytime? it is the same. I gave it one star because there is no zero rating. Avoid this place like the plague unless you have a ton of cash and like betting max on $2 machines and up... Never will visit again / ever... Made countless suggestions to their suggestion box with no avail... Spent North of $10 K in six months without a single jackpot or anything more than $400 hit so you can trust my review... Good luck if you decide to go and don't get mad when you leave broke / down.. I told you so...