Tony Montana
Aztec Inn Casino Aztec Inn Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Tony Montana"
This is the worst hotel or shack I ever stayed in. They don't clean the room the place smells like no one ever cleaned the area , the bar next door smells like vomit old seafood or some foreign odor. Unfortunately when we walked in we had no choice to room was paid and of course no refund!! How unfortunate to be stuck in a messed up hotel !! At the end of u don't tip the imaginary cleaning lady they look for an excuse to say someone smoked in the room so they can charge a 100 fee !! Never again this hotel should be banned from letting family oriented people and be rented by people that don't care about the nastiness in this hotel. People beware the rooms can't even accommodate the roaches and mice from an abandoned building,,,,, never again complaint complaint I'm reporting them to every agency that deals with this shack!!!!!