Lewis Decker
Hollywodd Casino Hollywodd Casino
Jamul, CA
"Lewis Decker"
The casino itself is clean and tidy. However, my experience with the customer service there was terrible. Valet had me go downstairs to pick up my truck, which is unheard of. When you get valet, there is a specific standard to be met; Hollywood casino doesn't meet it. It was my first time there, and I was told to go downstairs to get my vehicle. Not very specific. Just "downstairs." I had to ask what that meant, like I was supposed to know already. So, instead of getting my car for me like every other valet service known to existence, I had to go get it myself. Now, I understand that it is part of the process that is implemented at Hollywood Casino, and I know that the process is not the attendant's fault, but general guidance is a crucial part of customers service for anyone that works face-to-face with the guests/customers that are decidedly going to a venue. So I go down to P6, where I was directed to go after the attendant answered, and I arrive at the valet stand. I spot my truck within 30' at the most, and tell the person running the booth that it's fine, he doesn't need to get it, I'll go get it since it's right there. I'd made it down that far already anyway. I didn't turn my alarm off (the rental didn't have an alarm with a clicker) or insert my key, but it was unlocked. I mean - what? I was visiting from Georgia, and all my belongings were inside the truck since that was my last day in San Diego. The attendant that followed me to my truck to retrieve the ticket that was on the dash watched, and then questioned whether or not I had inserted the key. I mean - you just watched me open the door without unlocking anything. I asked for the manager, follow the attendant back, and wait for him to meet me. The wait wasn't too long; but, both the attendant and the manager came out laughing and having a good time. Read the situation. The manager didn't offer me a name - an African American man, no more than 30, about 6'2", standard build - and I had to approach him to shake his hand to cut him off from having a good time with his employee. As a general manager of another entertainment industry here in Georgia, I say to you: Your employees are a direct reflection of yourself. If you want to grow, start with the basics of customers service, which I assume you're well acquainted with being in a leadership role. Show your team how to talk to people, and ensure the standards of security are met. Vehicles aren't something that can easily be replaced. It's unnerving that in a venue that should have every highest standard of asset protection, something like leaving a car unlocked when you have accepted responsibility and accountability for it is unacceptable. I will end on a positive note, which is the only reason I give this venue a 2-star and not a 1-star, is Robin at the club/cashier booth. She was an outstanding employee. She recognized that I was a new player to the casino, and took the time to break down everything the casino had to offer in preparation for a single day's visit from food, to locations of player's kiosks and redemption machines, upcoming promotions (which she took extra time to walk me through; Oneida was being given away that day - and even new players like me could get one by earning 500 points that day. Note: I earned over 3500). Robin, please share your communication skills with your peers, and drive your new business to success.