I LOVED going to Barona's especially for birthdays and certain holidays. My family and I haven't gone since last month and never heard of any changes on TV or the radio. We went yesterday and we were outraged by the price for just ONE PERSON. We diI not believe the price when the cashier mentioned our total. I paid for my brother and I, pretty much it was $100. The card doesn't even work unless you spend an extra $40 bucks maybe even more gambling to receive 500 points to receive the discount. We had all starved ourselves so we could enjoy the food and we lost our appetite as soon as he mentioned the total. We were already there and I had already paid so my dad had no choice but to pay $100 for him and my mother to eat. My mother does not keep her mouth shut when she doesn't find something fair and this time we let her run her mouth. We ended up staying until after 10 when it closed just to make it worth the $200 we wasted. We even took food and coffee home. That is the last time we ever go there. We even stopped my brother and his girlfriend from coming and it was his birthday! It was not worth it and we are going to make sure we inform everyone we know to not go back there. NOT WORTH IT! Off to find a new reasonably priced buffet with better and delicious food. GOODBYE BARONA'S FOREVER!