amanda smith
Bally's - Las Vegas Bally's - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"amanda smith"
Went to the casino to gamble with my parents, they questioned my ID because my hair is darker in the picture than it is now. My dad made a comment like "it's my daughter, I wouldn't be taking her here if she wasn't 21" very respectfully, and the man at Roulette, his name is Paul, decided to very rudely laugh at my dad and say "oh yeah, that makes a difference" extremely sarcastically, and then when the manager came over to confirm it, he mocked my dad to him openly. Making everyone feel completely belittled and as if they are better in some way. Just a little advice to the staff: Stay humble, the money we are using at your workplace is the money that is used to pay your bills. I would of understood if we were a bunch of loud drunks or something but we are on our family vacation and did nothing but question why they were questioning my ID so hard at every station. Even the manager had a sarcastic tone in his voice, like we weren't allowed to ask why they kept walking away with my ID or something. I believe everyone deserves to be respected and should be polite. You don't have to kiss my feet but I expect respect when I'm spending money somewhere. The hotel is average at best, so the arrogant staff doesn't compliment it at all.