Celeste Ruppelt
Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort
Flagstaff, Arizona
"Celeste Ruppelt"
We visited Twin Arrows Casino to view the traveling Viet Nam Wall. The wall visited Twin Arrows for a limited time. We are not gamblers so that part of the casino did not interest us. Smoking is allowed in there and that can be smelled from outside it. The casino features free parking and valet service, and three dining areas including a Buffet. There is a large conference center, a workout area, and an indoor pool. The casino is four years old, but it looks brand new. It is 20 miles East of Flagstaff on I-40. The Viet Nam Wall is half size of the original, so it was exhibited uncovered outside. There is a security detail check before one can enter the area. It is wheelchair accessible, and assistance if needed is available. I thought it was well done. After visiting the real wall in Washington DC a few years ago, this was a good replica. The attitude was respectful and quiet. If you wish to make a rubbing, you will need assistance from the attendants, since one is not allowed to touch the wall. Wear closed toe shoes, since the field is gravel. The sun was also quite bright.