Carmen Chen
Revel Casino Hotel Revel Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Carmen Chen"
The resort is nice and has an awesome indoor pool but I would not come back. The employees really need to be trained better. They're all so clueless about everything. No one could answer any of our questions and the front desk lady didn't know how to use her computer to check us out. Took her 20 minutes to check us out. We got charged for long distance call when we didn't make any long distance calls. The most annoying part of our trip was that NOBODY PICKS UP THE PHONE when we called for room service or the front desk. Front desk only picked up when we called from our cell phones...We finally got service on the last night after waiting on the hotel phone for 15 minutes. At the indoor pool, we waited 30 minutes to be served. In between that 30 minutes we asked 4 different servers who walked by if someone could serve us. They all said "Sorry I'm not your server" and walked away. Finally, a nice server (who also said she wasn't our server) helped us. We left her a nice tip. Her and the people at the bell desk were the only people we found helpful at this resort. I would not come back....