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Aug 15 '17 at 14:45


Unbelievable how you can rent a hotel room for $100 per night with a night club in the same building. The night club disco located 40 feet in front of your balcony made sleeping impossible. From 11pm - 7am the disco starts. The noise level goes from very loud to unbelievable loud when the door opens every 30 seconds to let people in and out. Some drunks tried to clime up our balcony railing. I switched the light on to scare them away. I guess we where lucky that the police came at that moment to check on the Night Club. They did this ones a hour. I was thinking it is Sunday night and they will close early. That was the risen why we did not leave. l definitely don't recommend this place. It is pricey and not in good shape. It is impossible to sleep if your room is located on the right side of the reception. It is very dangers as the traffic from the Night Club can clime up easily the balconies. We where lucky that the police is checking on the night club every hour. As being a family that runs a hotel in Cabarete, this type of service is very unacceptable in every way.