Olly Blitshtein
Baha Mar Casino and Hotel Baha Mar Casino and Hotel
Nassau, Paradise Island
"Olly Blitshtein"
Nice new rooms, beautiful casino, clean beach with friendly staff and non-motorized equipment available for the hotel guests. The restaurant selection at this time is poor and not designed to cater to a viriety of tastes in addition to being priced 2-3 times what it is supposed to be. Breakfast is the only time when everyone can find a satisfactory meal, but it is overpriced as well. You can probably find an expansive lunch selection as well, but not if you are staying more then three days. You just run out of places to visit. The beautiful pools of the resort are not accessible after the sunset for the guests to just sit by and enjoy the view (fully dressed after a super expansive dinner). The reason is absolutely ridiculous and does not make any sense. If your staff cannot distinguish between fully dressed guests and folks that are actually swimming after dark, you may need to come up with a better training program. The front desk manager was quick to say that even he cannot go outside and sit by the pool because the security will kick him out. What???!! Why have the lights, the fountains and nice relaxing music on when you don't allow your guest to enjoy it! Next time I want to spend $8K+ on a hotel and dining I will definitely look for another destination.