Robyn Kirk
CSI Poker Room CSI Poker Room
Temperance, Michigan
"Robyn Kirk"
I used to love the food on the old bistro menu. Sadly since the changes made, there's only one meal I am remotely interested in trying. Loved the salmon wrapped in prosciutto, chicken and avocado and the chefs salad. They also used to make a very nice curried scallops dish - all these meals are gone now. The menu now looks like something you would find at a chain restaurant sadly - lots of high-carb and fried food.The other issue is that now you cannot order from the bistro until 5.30 pm. Didn't find that out until I got there - can't say I've seen that change advertised anywhere? So we decided to go somewhere else. Sad because the staff are really lovely - but even they don't look as happy as they used to. Sorry but won't be dining at CSI any more - been going there for several years.