Twisted Nixter
Bruno's Country Club and Casino Bruno's Country Club and Casino
Gerlach, Nevada
"Twisted Nixter"
As expected (on a high volume weekend) they charged an ungodly amount of money for a room, but the place was disgusting. Our room was rundown, THE BEDSHEETS were DIRTY with previous guests'pubic hairs and dirt -we didn't sleep on them. The door was obviously kicked in a few times and poorly repaired to barely lockable condition, and the bathroom window had bars on it-which had us questioning our safety and security. The toilet was busted and would keep running water after a flush. There were empty beer bottles in the dresser drawers from previous guests. Under the bed looked like 20 years of accumulated dust and cobwebs. The room was poorly lit so it's hard to see if it's clean. Police cars slowly circled the parking lot quite frequently which made us question the history of this motel. Don't be fooled by pictures of their swimming pool, it is nothing more than a condemned and disgusting hole in the centre of the property -probably hasn't been used or maintained in years. We knew the motel was located in an industrial area, but we didn't know that a construction company uses the area behind the motel to dump spoil from excavation -if you look outside the bathroom window, you will see piles of spoil and excavated sewer pipe dumped up against the motel outside walls -the smell is awful. There is no microwave in the room. There was no litter basket in the room, and when we returned after a day out and about, we noticed that housekeeping came and fixed the bed but didn't pick up our litter that we neatly placed in a small pile next to the door. The only saving grace about this place was that the bathroom seemed to be clean and that there is 24 hour reception.