Lisa McQuery
Monte Carlo Casino - Tallinn Monte Carlo Casino - Tallinn
"Lisa McQuery"
Beautiful but a disappointment I've waited my whole life to go inside the world famous casino de Monte-Carlo - only to be massively disappointed. Sometimes that happens I guess when you're expectations are so high. However, this was a total let down. Even my Italian friend was complaining about how lame it was inside. After we paid our 10 euro entrance fee to get in, we were shocked to find that only one gambling table was open -a roulette table, but even still it's MONTE-CARLO. There were not that many people there to be fair, but really? No other games? And while there were no other tables open, there was however, no shortage of slot machines. The drinks were outrageously expensive, but that should be no surprise to anyone - it's the casino in Monte-Carlo. I had a glass of pink champagne and it was 22 euro. A Bloody Mary was somewhere around 25 euro. The staff was friendly save the bartender who was arrogant and somewhat rude. He definitely lived up to the French stereotypes. The rest of the people at the casino were very friendly though. The casino itself was extremely beautiful and I was in awe of the architecture and how lavishly decorated it was. The only other thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was how some of the patrons were dressed. There should be a dress code. Apparently it's not obvious enough to some tourists that you're supposed to dress up when you go to the casino in Monte-Carlo, as we did. I even made my date wear a suite because of where we were going. There were people dressed in jeans and t-shirts - which obviously made my date mad, ha ha. All in all it was a disappointing event, and while it was really neat to be able to say I've been inside now, I don't know that it's worth the ten euro to me to go back ever again.