Karen Jameson
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"Karen Jameson"
We are a family with an 11yr old girl and 13 yr old boy. We had to move hotels because this one is not appropriate for a family stay in July/ August. The staff were very helpful and could not do more for us. Initially we were moved from a floor with aggressive, partying German men taking drugs, playing loud music, shouting and fighting with each other and other male guests. (Police called in the small hours of our arrival!) We had to spend a night in a smaller room with 3 beds so that we at least felt safe. We got very little sleep if any as this is a "Party Party" hotel and every floor is occupied by a young adult or teen looking to get drunk and get laid! ( been there done that lol...now a grown up!) The staff said it was 95% German, French and Dutch boys and girls with 5% families this time of year. Not helpful for English families that can't take their kids out of school so can only holiday July / August! Hotel is more like a 1* & that's based on food only which was pretty good but not accommodation. The rooms should not even be rated due to prison style metal beds, no aircon, poor lighting and no facilities in the room at all.That said this hotel would suit stags and hens who want an extremely cheap get away. Can't emphasise enough that we found the staff brilliant and the food good!