Paul & Linda
Fitzy's - Waterford Fitzy's - Waterford
Waterford, Queensland
"Paul & Linda"
We have been visiting this establishment for meals for nearly 12 months and sometimes twice a week, the time before last the meals were most definitely of an inferior content, but we did not complain although someone in our group did at that time, but we thought perhaps it was a one off occasion so we booked for this Sunday 20th August my wife did not wish to chance having the unpleasant experience of having a bad meal so she chose another item on the menu, I personally wanted to have the meal that I have been going back for all this time so I did chance it again we had our meals all served by very polite and helpful waitresses and when we had finished our meals one waitress did ask for our comments on the meals, I did state that I always have and until the last couple of visits enjoyed the fillet steak but I did tell this waitress that I had eaten most of my meal but the steak was absolutely awful it was a very poor cut with a lot of fat and sinew yet it was described as quality fillet this was possible for the staff to see from the portion left on my plate uneaten, the waitress was very helpful and said that she would talk to the chef to see what could be done, on her return from the chef she said that the chef commented as most was eaten that it must of been okay, I cannot now call that person a chef only a cook as any qualified chef would of never have made such a ridicules biased statement, the waitress was most apologetic and asked if we would like a coffee as compensation of which we did not. Now mr cook I do not go out and dine to get a free coffee or a refund, I dine out to be social with friends and enjoy a well cooked quality meal. I also vote with my wallet and when Mr cook you are unemployed and cannot feed your family, I will willingly take the blame because it would be no more than what you deserve. Remedy take it on your back and serve up hot well cooked quality meals but most of all LISTEN to your clients. I no longer recommend this establishment to anyone.