Donna Forlenza
Revel Casino Hotel Revel Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Donna Forlenza"
I highly recommend Harrah's Resort. I've been going there at least once every summer for probably the last 18 years. Their Buffet is the best buffet in Atlantic City. Hands down. If you don't have a total rewards card stop at the courtesy desk and get one immediately upon walking in. It literally takes 60 seconds you just hand them your license and you're going to have to choose a PIN number. No paperwork to fill out it's great. Use this card when you go to the buffet I went last weekend and I'm not sure but I think it was about $45 a person I am sure that with the rewards card it's 39.99 a person. If you do a lot of gambling it can bring that price down even more as a comp. But I don't do that much gambling. You can also use it for the parking fee if you didn't have a card it would be $15 but even if you don't gamble a lot and don't get any comp like for example free parking you still get $5 off your parking fee so parking will cost you $10. They give you two cards so it's a good idea if you're with somebody to let them use your card also. That way the points add up. Last year when I went my daughter and I really didn't gamble that much but we actually gambled enough that we got there free parking. They have all you can eat crab legs and they're absolutely delicious. In 18 years I've never been disappointed in their crab legs. I also like the fact that you get complimentary drinks while you're gambling and it's just about the only casino that I've been in where when you order a wine they actually give it to you in a wine glass. I really like that. The only thing that I can say that I didn't like about my last visit was that they used to have a boozy donut shop. Oh my gosh the donuts were delicious and they were filled with all kinds of liqueurs. Unfortunately this past weekend we noticed it was replaced by a Starbucks. Like somebody needs another Starbucks. Anyhow that was a really big disappointment. All in all I would say that no matter what you do down in Atlantic City and where you gamble is up to you but you won't be gambling on the buffet at Harrah's Resort. It's a winner!