Quil Ceda Creek Nightclub & Casino Quil Ceda Creek Nightclub & Casino
Tulalip, Washington
I used to like coming here, but with the security issues I've encountered I don't enjoy it like I used to. I've had a woman security officer demand I open the bathroom stall door while doing my business to see if I was doing drugs (No apology could fix that one). And recently my friend and I were playing around and when I smacked his shoulder (playfully) they-4 large security guards, not 1, but 4- kicked me out and accused me of assault and kicked my buddy out as well. When I left and was in the very corner of the perimeter of the parking lot (the farthest I could get) to make a phone call, 2 of them came all the way out to me and demanded I get off the property. I asked them where the property line was and neither of them would answer or even look at me. Then they called for backup. Lol. To sum it up, the place itself, the games and staff are great. The security on the other hand needs some serious adjustments on how they treat their customers. There is a complete lack of respect in that department.