Rex Burrus
Horseshoe Casino Horseshoe Casino
San Jose
"Rex Burrus"
This from a confessed light weight gamer. About the most gambling I've done here is penny slots. There's much more here, tho. The place is not small. There's probably a football field of slot machines. The family and I go occasionally for good concerts at the Venue, all you can eat at the buffet, and a few plays at the slots to see if we can leave with more money than we've spent. We do, don't, or break even. We're entertained. We'd be in favor of the entire place going no smoking. There's complimentary soft drinks and we're not into bar drinks, but I'm sure one could find alcoholic beverages to suit, typical of most casinos. As you would expect, prices for anything can be a bit luxurious. Service is above average. I would play more here if table games had lower limits and the card room catered to slimmer wallets with more general card games. I'm more of a 5-card poker player than Texas Holdem and it's popular variants. With popular events it can get crowded, causing long lines for parking both in and out. The rewards program seems practical. Make sure you join. Still, it's a casino and you capitulate going in that the "house" is going to win. They are profit oriented and most every decision, market driven comp, and everything about the place drips with it. I'm no expert on the financial organization of the place, the return it makes, the taxes it pays, or it's charity, but a more warm fuzzy feeling that the entity is an outstanding community contributor would make me more generous with my rating.