Brad Sadek
MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa
Stateline, Nevada
"Brad Sadek"
In short, this place is like a pretty woman you think you will spend the rest of your life with. Then... you find out pretty all she's got going for her. We stayed her on August 25th granted this was the weekend of a big fight in Vegas so it probably increased the price a bit. My pregnant (8 months) wife an I entered the lobby around 9 PM, following a wedding. We waited in line, behind FOUR people, for 20 minutes to check-in. Evidently the guy at the counter with "Assistant hotel manager," on his name tag, didn't know how to call for help, and felt he had to have a 5 minute conversation with everyone. Finally we got checked in and into our room on the third floor, (which must be something like the lowest deck on the Titanic). My wife was starving. (On our way to the hotel, we stopped and grabbed a salad and microwaveable snack.) We got to our room only to find there was no microwave! (An amenity even your run of the mill Motel One would have). So, we can't heat up the frozen snack, well just keep it in the fridge.... Nope, didn't have one of those either. When a pregnant woman is hungry, you try to feed her. I searched the hall for a microwave, then made several attempts to call the Front Desk, Hotel Manager, Hotel Operator and Bell Desk to see if there was any microwave I might use. Not a soul answered any of those lines. So that all ruined my opinion of this place. But a couple of other things: -Huge mat of long black hair in the shower lead me to believe, the otherwise very nice shower hadn't been cleaned recently. -All the pillows on the bed were shaped like basketballs and about as soft. -The bed was so cheap I could feel the springs... or maybe those were pieces of re-bar. Maybe $190 just isn't enough money for a quality room? Oh wait $190 plus the $50 "Resort fee." I will resort to never staying here again!