Hanie Miri
Glenview Park Glenview Park
East Traralgon, Victoria
"Hanie Miri"
We visited in early August with three young children, 7 and younger. The Interpretive Center has a huge variety of reptiles that kept them occupied for a long time. We were all particularly impressed by the alligator snapping turtle. It really captured our kids' imaginations. We also took tours of the Kennicott House and the old fashioned school house. The guides did a great job highlighting facts and details for us. The Log Cabin was being renovated when we went, but we will definitely be back to check it out. When we walked the trails around the nature center we saw some pretty unusual insects and a family of deer grazing in a shady grove. The only thing we did not like about this place was the "Back 50." One of the guides told us it was "gorgeous". On the map there are some bodies of water marked in blue. Those bodies of water were actually green, fetid swamps. I think they used a more scientifically accurate term to describe the ecosystem but, basically it was a swamp. And a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Our kids all had mosquitoes swarming around them the whole time. If you're visiting in the spring/summer and haven't sprayed yourself thoroughly with some deep woods insect repellent, then skip the Back 50. If there was anything of note to see here, we missed it because we were trying to get out of there as fast as we could. Other than that, it was the perfect way to spend a late summer afternoon and it's all free!