Deb Cimino
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Yakima, Washington
"Deb Cimino"
Used to love going to the Hard Rock!!! Was a great place to have fun, gamble and see live shows. They do have a good choice of restaurants and live shows. Unfortunately construction is going on now, so their slots don't pay out anymore unless you spend hundreds and only the elite players with free play seem to win. Someone has to pay for all this construction. Sure would be nice to win once in a while. Used to get invited to play in the slot tournaments. Now I have to play and spend hundreds just to get to participate. I used to get invited to their live shows if they had extra tickets. Not any more. Times have changed. Shame that their loyal customers who have spent lots of money there get no perks. You cant even use your comps for food. They are going to lose a lot of customers if they don't start changing the way they treat their loyal players.