destiny ball
Park MGM Park MGM
Las Vegas, Nevada
"destiny ball"
Do not stay in room 3-112! Starting at 4am on 8.26.17 the noise was unbareable and impossible to sleep through. It started with a continuous knocking sound similar to a headboard hitting the wall over and over again. We figured the next door neighbors were going at it, but after discovering the headboards are attached to the wall, we knew that couldn't be it. Then we remembered that Monte Carlo is under construction. I checked my phone and saw it was 4:40am, so it definitely couldn't be hammering from construction. The knocking noise was continuous from 4:40 am to about 5:30. Around 5am another secondary noise started. The sound was similar to someone drilling a screw into wood or similar to a phone vibrating on a wooden desk. It is now 8:45 and the second noise happens every 6-7 minutes and last for about 10 seconds. It's so loud and disturbing. At 7:30am the knocking that had stopped is now back! Now both noise are continuous. I have no idea how this hotel expects someone to be able to sleep here. I can't be the only one that has made the complaint about this room. I have no clue what is making the noise but you literally have to hear it to believe it! It's crazy loud. We called to the office twice now asking to be moved immediately, well guess what, there is no availability because its one of the biggest boxing fight weekends! Great! Now we have to wait until someone checks out at or around noon in order to be moved. Their response, "wait for a text" then your room will be ready. No one apologizes for the lack of sleep my husband and I had to endure, no one asks if they can send someone to check it out to see what the hell is creating the noise, no one cares that the lack of service and urgency is not being given to a customer. I will never stay here again and I will be sure to spread the word about my nightmare experience.