Ivan Zyrianov
Edgewater Casino Edgewater Casino
Vancouver, British Columbia
"Ivan Zyrianov"
I hope this place burns down.. It's nothing but pure evil that sucks people in. People of all ages , young and old, rich but mostly poor. People that recieve welfare and blow it the first day. People that blow rent money. People commit suicides after losing large amounts of money. Nothing but evil , I hope it burns or explodes when no people are inside along with riverrock and cascade and all the other ones. %95 of people playing are problem gamblers ruining their lives while making someone rich. I hate the place with all my heart. I have self excluded myself twice (each time for 3 years) and I still go (stupid i know) and continue to lose every single TIME!!! I go and they dont ask for identification so that whole self exclusion program is flawed , it DOESNT work... Burn down you evil , devil created place!!!!