Trucking Crazy
Mark Twain Casino Mark Twain Casino
La Grange, Missouri
"Trucking Crazy"
Small casino with a lot of slot machines that are fairly tight. I noticed of you play max bet your rarely if even get a bonus round or free spins. If you bet 1/2 or less of max you win a lot more free play. Im sure the machines are set up that way on purpose. The casino is clean and the majority of the staff are friendly. Here is a few of the bad things, points on play are very low and pit points are almost non existent. I lost about $1000.00 on one table in a matter of a few hours and when I checked today I had received about 45 cents in rewards.I spoke to the pit boss today and she confirmed my table play had been credited to my card. Also the management has taken away the ability of the pit boss to comp anything so no matter how much you loose you WILL NOT receive a comp for food. To me that is a huge turn off when the casino isn't willing to comp you an $8.00 hamburger... I did enjoy my time Saturday night, dealers and bosses were very nice, funny and enjoyable. Unfortunately I got my butt kicked and that's the way it goes sometimes. Another thing I noticed is there is no crosswalk or sidewalk from the truck parking lot, thats a major design flaw and customer safety/accessibility issue. I would highly recommend you install a sidewalk somewhere near the steps across the grass to the road and from the road to the lot. I already paid for the deposit last night in losses ;-). I almost injured myself walking across the uneven ground Saturday night and again Sunday morning. Truck lot is good sized but the damn trains rolling by every few hours laying on the horns is terrible. Not the casinos fault but be prepared for it. Dining options are good for such a small casino. I did notice the service and food quality isn't as good in the evening at Winner's Grill as it is in the morning/afternoon. Draft beer is cheap, bottles are not. Here is a question nobody could answer. If you sit at the bar you can have a glass pint but if your going to walk around or play you get a plastic disposable cups. Why??? There is already glass bottles on the casino floor so if it was an issue with safety that doesn't work, bottles are WAY more dangerous. Anyways I didn't see any issues and the majority of the people Saturday night were nice. Would I return to Mark Twain Casino..... Ya I probably would BUT I will stick to playing slots with a very low bet until the table rewards become better and the pit boss has the option to comp players a meal. I'm sure there is a few things I forgot to mention and if I think of them I will update my review. FYI I HIGHLY recommend the Double Up Burger, damn it's good