Susie Thomas
Scioto Downs Racino Scioto Downs Racino
Columbus, Ohio
"Susie Thomas"
This should be a "-1", however, as that is not available, I just made it available. I personally have had 2 incidences of my own personal security being breached by other patrons, one of which happened during my absolute last visit to this disgraceful, does anyone know who is actually running the joint and where is security when you need them?!?!? I was pushed out of a slot machine chair by another female patron who decided that was HER machine, had been talking to herself, God and Jesus for 2 hours, all within 4 ft. of the security door in the back corner of this mockery of a safe casino. After the incident, I move far enough away from this threat to get the attention of anyone who worked there, thinking that the rational thing they would do is alert security; no, they left me to go talk to their managers; don't quite know why they have radios to call out on; decorative perhaps? The maintenance fellow stated HIS manager had been made aware of the situation and the casino would be in touch. Where is security? I have 2 witnesses. Needless to say, no call so I call Mark in security. The videos were reviewed for the SECONDS leading up to the event and SECONDS after...I was told it didn't happen, no witnesses I had described in great detail. I guess I was hallucinating, right Mark? Customer satisfaction is a must in your line of business; it's the name of the "game". Your bad for business and failed your job miserably; Scioto Downs WHHHHOOO?

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